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Willie Gray Family at Bridgton Left to right: Harry, Mary Ellen, Sarah, Claude, Addie, Willie, Edna

Willie L. Gray (1858-1910)

Willie L. Gray (1858-1910)

Edna Maud Gray (1879-1899)

Addie Gray (later Smith) (1884-1951)

Claude Gray (1883-1946)

Claude and Pearl (Whetstone) Gray wedding photo

Mary Ellen Packard Gray (1862-1935)

Mary Ellen Packard Gray , 1935

Ruth Gray 1912

Ruth, Marie and Willie Gray, 1917

Edna Smith Holmes (dau of Asa and Addie Gray Smith)

Harry and Florence Marble Gray Sr. c. 1920

Flossie Marble Gray and son Harry, 1925

Gray Farm Pumpkin Valley, Bridgton

Willie "Bill" C. Gray

Marie Gray

Harry L. Gray, Jr. (1924-1995)

Berry Place, Fessenden Hill, Denmark, Maine 1941

David Hunter, Avalee Robinson, Harry Gray; 1936 Denmark

Howard and Ruth Gray Robinson and daus Mavis and Linda

Willie ("Bill") C. Gray, USN (1914-1984), 1951

Ada Harriet Merrill (1898-1982), later wife of W.C. Gray

Beverly McCormick Jr. High Grad 1959, with aunts Marie Gray Green, Ruth Gray Robinson and grandmother Florence Gray Hunter

Ruth Gray Robinson (1912-1964), 1963

Paul and Althea Gray McCormick at Denmark

Gray Reunion Pumpkin Valley 1977

Gray Reunion Pumpkin Valley 1977

Gray Reunion 1977; Bill Gray, Curtis Gray, Althea Gray McCormick Bridges, Karen Rumo

Althea, Marie, Bill and Harry Gray with brother David Hunter and great niece Jeanne Martin, 1977

Bill Gray with gr-nieces Althea Waite and Ruth Dolbow and gr-nephew Robert Richards 1977

Althea Gray McCormick Bridges (1918- 1993), 1977

Marie Gray Green (1916-1993), 1977

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