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Gray Reunion 2001


Many thanks go to Beverly Rumo and her daughter, Karen Carroll, and their families for hosting this wonderful family gathering at their home  on the 29th July 2001.  It was terrific to see people we hadn't seen in ages and remind ourselves of the strong bond, love and heritage that we all share.  We had a great time telling stories and remembering all those who we wish were still with us.  The weather was perfect, the food great.  We stayed many hours and wished it wouldn't end!

Melody, Tom, Linda, Mashia, Linda

Alan, Jeanne, Janice, Tom III, Tom IV, Melody, Stefani, Christopher, Joshua, Nikki, Kyle

Cathy, Melody, Althea, Tom, Jeanne, Karen

Rita, Lee, Linda, Cindy, Randy, Beverly, Gary


Tom Martin, Tammy Lovejoy, Bonnie and Gary Robinson, Linda Robinson Waite

Gary Robinson, Jeanne Martin Chown, Linda Robinson Waite

Rita Green Bonville and cousin Linda Robinson Waite

group shot


first cousins Jeanne and Melody

group shot

Mashia, Daniel, Althea

Brad and grandson

Soc, Rita and Judy

group shot

Four generations: Betty, Brad, Marcia, Riley

group shot

Harry "Lee" Gray and Jeanne Martin Chown

group shot

Lee with McKusick rifle

Jeanne, Tom, Melody, Stefani, Christopher, Joshua, Nikki, Kyle

Jeanne with aunt Lois Martin Bradeen

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Jeanne Martin-Chown