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We have a number of photographs of the Chown and related families.  Any additional information, corrections, any photos you might like to add to the site, etc.  greatly appreciated. The Chown family tree has been recently improved, with a direct linkage from myself back to about 1700.    Thank-you!   Reply to: Alan Chown

Chown Family Tree

Click on links below for family tree info.  We have many blanks that we hope you can help fill in! 

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Photo Gallery

Richard, Alan, Ian Chown, Madeleine Babbs Chown holding Peter Chown, Mabel Butler Chown (Dick's mum), Elsie Webb Babbs ( Madeleine's mum)

Picture taken at 38 Queens Park Road, Harold Wood; 1972

Richard Chown with his uncle Edward "Ted" Butler date?

Richard Chown at Worthing c.1937

Richard Chown at Worthing late 1930s

Wedding of Linda Chipper & Harry Baines abt 1970

Mabel Butler prob. 1920s

Nan Butler and great grandson, Alan Chown

Nan Butler

NanTapp; taken by Richard Chown 1950s

Tapp Family Reunion, Worthing 1987 (?)

Richard Alan Chown 1934

Richard "Dick" Chown in scout uniform c.1948

Dick Chown with trumpet abt 1958

Richard and Madeleine Babbs Chown wedding ; 12 Sept 1959

Mabel Butler Chown (1909-2000)

Mabel Butler Chown abt 1945

Mabel Butler Chown abt 1950

Nan Butlers parents (?)

Dorothy Chown Tapp and great grandson Alan Chown c. 1967

Dorothy Chown Tapp

Dorothy Chown Tapp "Nan Tapp"

James "Jimmer" Chown, father of Dorothy

Isabel Annie Chown

James and Isobel Corney Chown

Ron and Mabel Butler Chown wedding photo; 1934

Mother and sons at the wedding of her Grandson, John Tapp, son of George Ernest Tapp

back, l to r: Charles Tapp, Alan Tapp, Ronald Chown, Stanley Tapp, Edward Tapp, James Tapp; front: George Tapp, Dorothy Corney Chown Tapp, Raymond Tapp

Ron Chown and grandmother

Ronald Wales Chown (1910-2001) in police uniform

Ronald Wales Chown in police uniform in 1930, when he joined the Metropolitan Police

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