These photographs are of the church of St. Margaret's and the village of Horsmonden, Kent, England.  This is the village of the family of Simon Willard, the progenitor of the Willards of America.  The church dates from the 13th and 14th centuries and is where Simon Willard was baptised on 7 April 1605.  We visited here on 27 May 2001, as part of our preparation for the upcoming Willard Reunion in Maine in the summer of that year.  Coming soon:  Photographs of the Willard Reunion in Portland and So. Portland, Maine  held 21 & 22 July 2001!!!!.

St. Margaret's Church

Sign outside St. Margaret's

One of the church doors

Exterior view of church window

Inside St. Margaret's

Inside St. Margaret's

Carved angel decorating a choir pew

Baptismal font

Stained glass window given by descendants of Simon Willard in America in 1921

Depicts St Margaret of Antioch, the patron saint of the church, and Sir Galahad.

Detail of Willard stained glass window

Reproduction of church record of Simon Willard's baptism

Willard Coat of Arms

Memorial plaque to Simon Willard inside the church

Horsmonden village road sign

Horsmonden village post office

The Highwayman Public House

The corner shop "Crowhursts"

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