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Witham Gravestones


Elias Saunders Witham (1827-1898); Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton, Maine

Elias and Hannah are parents of Sarah C., (who m. Samuel McKusick), and Annie and Harold Witham

Hannah Caroline Hanson (1828-1909), wife of Elias Witham; Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton

Hanson E. Witham (1855-1920) ; Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton (brother to Sarah C. Witham McKusick)

Thomas N. Easton (1852-1927), wife Annie E. Witham (1856-1955); Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton Eliza is sister of Sarah and Hanson.

Harold O. Easton (1894-1966), wife Helen Cross (1898-1968); Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton. Harold is son of Thomas and Annie Witham Easton

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