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McKusick Gravestones


Since my last visit to the Pingree Cemetery at Denmark, Maine (August 2001), I have become very concerned about the condition of the McKusick gravestones there.  Many are in a poor state and without help I doubt if they will last for many more years.  The stone of Catherine Jewett McKusick, wife of Francis, is off it's base, as are the stones of Sarah McKusick and one for Susan, Achsa and Patience, children of Francis and Catherine.  Both stones of John and Kezia Pingree McKusick are  flat on the ground, partially buried.  John and Kezia are parents of Ephraim and Asa, who died in southern camps during the Civil War.  I would like to propose a campaign to rescue these gravestones of our ancestors.  I suggest a professional undertaking to maximize the benefits of restoration.  I hope to return to Maine and would be pleased to start this campaign myself, but unfortunately, due to my distance (I am currently living in England), all I can do is make people aware and start the ball rolling - I hope.  It is a shame, but so often the case, that old graveyards such as this one suffer neglect and vandalism.  In recent years a very nice Robinson gravestone in this same graveyard was smashed and is now gone.  It is assumed the vandals were after the now rare photograph that was encased in the stone.  Feedback, please, on what we can accomplish!  Thanks.    -Jeanne.

Francis McKusick (1768-1828), dau Roxanna McKusick (1823-1828), Pingree Cem. Denmark

Catherine Jewett (1779-1863), wife of Francis McKusick

Pingree Cem. Denmark, Maine

Samuel D. McKusick (1843-1903), his wife Sarah C. Witham (1851-1943), Pingree Cem. Denmark

detail of obelisk

Obelisk of Samuel and Sarah Witham McKusick

Annie May McKusick Marble Hartford (1870-1900),

Village Cem. Hiram

Angie McKusick Poor (1874-1951)

Pleasant Ridge Cem. Hiram, Maine

Charles Poor (1865-1930) , husband of Angie McKusick

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Hiram, Maine

Walter Poor (1901-1966), son of Angie McKusick

Pleasant Ridge Cem. Hiram

Sarah McKusick (1814-1874)

Pingree Cemetery, Denmark, Maine

Asa McKusick (1807-1869),

Pingree Cemetery, Denmark, Maine

Susan McKusick (1804-1839), Achsa McKusick (1812-1834), Patience McKusick (1819-1834)

Pingree Cemetery, Denmark, Maine

McKusick lot Pingree Cemetery, Denmark, Maine

Hezekiah McKusick (1817-1903)

Pingree Cem., Denmark, Maine

Kezia Pingree (1802-1863), wife of John McKusick,

Pingree Cem. Denmark

John McKusick (1801-1873),

Pingree Cem. Denmark

Stephen F. McKusick (1841-1849),

Pingree Cem. Denmark

McKusick lot Pingree Cem. Denmark, Maine

Perley McKusick (1884-1957),

Pingree Cem. Denmark, Maine


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