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Marble Gravestones


Florence Ava Marble Gray Hunter (1891-1968),

Forest Hill Cem Bridgton

Day lot Pine Grove Cem. Waterboro

where Charles F. Marble is buried

Charles F. Marble (1870-1936)

Pine Grove Cem. Waterboro, Maine

Front of Charles Marble's stone

Eva L. Day (1884-1971), wife of Charles Marble

Pine Grove Cem. Waterboro

Frederick Marble (1826-1897), Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton

Sarah A. Larrabee (1839-1901), wife of Fred Marble,

Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton

l: Lillian Marble (1854-1864), dau Frederick and Abby Marble, r: Wilber R. Marble (1863-1864), son Fred and Sarah Marble, Forest Hill Cem Bridgton

Wilber Marble (1860-1864)

Frederick Marble (1826-197) Forest Hill Cem Bridgton

Frederick and Sarah Larrabee Marble and gr-gr-gr-gr-grandson

Marble obelisk Chadbourne Cem. Harmony, Maine

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Marble lot Chadbourne Cem. Harmony

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