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Larrabee Gravestones


Benjamin Larrabee (1791-1860), wife Hannah Martin (1796-1869); Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton

These are the parents of Sarah Larrabee, who married Frederick Marble. They are all buried together on the same lot. Also there (ch of Benj. and Hannah): Isabella (1825 ae 6ms), Stephen (1832-1834), Mehittable (1835 ae 7ms), Isaac (1830-1843)

Frank Larrabee (1852-1934), wife Elizabeth Hale (1857-1931), dau Ruth (1892-1892).

Daniel P. Larrabee (1821-1905), wife Eliza Senter (1825-1905).

Forest Hill Cem. Bridgton

Daniel is son of Benjamin and Hannah Martin Larrabee.

Frank is son of Daniel.

Benjamin Larrabee (1829-1911), wife Mahala Hunt (1841-1920), son Joseph (1870-1932), dau Susie (1873-1958); Forest Hill Cem Bridgton

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