Willard Reunion 2001

The Willard Family Reunion was a tremendous success, thanks to the efforts of Debbie Martin White, Laurel Aubrey, Lettie Aubrey and Marilyn Berry, who all organized it.  All those who attended had a great time, many meeting some relatives for the first time, or seeing them again after many years.  This reunion brought together the descendants of Wilhelmina Willard (1873-1947), who married, first, Joseph Martin and, second, Archie Cochrane, so there were many descendants present from the Cochrane and Martin lines.  This reunion followed a similar gathering in New Mexico in 1998.  If you have any photos or memories you'd like to add to this page, please let me know.  Help with  identifying people greatly appreciated!     Email me here.

Day 1 (Saturday 21 June):  We met at the Casco Bay Lines terminal in Portland, Maine for a guided tour and cruise of Casco Bay.  We all wore color-coded name tags, enjoyed a breakfast brunch, sought out people we recognized, wondered at those we didn't, and enjoyed the fantastic scenery while talking non-stop to each other.  The children raced around happily, marvelling at all those cousins.  The captain of our ferry was  Eugene Willard, another Willard descendant!  We passed Peaks Island where Joseph Martin had lived as a boy and then on to Great Diamond Island, where Archie Cochrane was stationed at Fort McKinley and lived with Wilhelmina and their children.  And of course, we passed the landmark Portland Head Light.  The weather was perfect.

Day 2 (Sunday 22 June):  We met at Southern Maine Technical College (SMTC) in So. Portland, just above Willard Beach. It has spectacular views of the water.  This is very near where the Willards lived and Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, where Wilhelmina (and many other Willards) are buried.  There were photo albums, histories and family charts to share, terrific food, a piñata for the children, non-stop talking and lots of cameras in use.  The beach was just a few feet away and again, the weather was ideal.  Events such as this are priceless and will no doubt remain in our memories for as long as we live. 

Tom Martin III and dau Jeanne Martin Chown on Willard Reunion cruise 21 July 2001

Debbie Martin White, Alan Chown and Debbie's dau. Launa

Martin "Bondie" Farrington with 1st cousin Thomas Martin III

Enjoying the view from the bow

Portland waterfront from the ferry

Great Diamond Island, where Archie and Wilhelmina lived while he was stationed at Fort McKinley

Jill Pridham Stallcup and daughter up from Alabama

Laurel Aubrey, Rowena and dau Peggy and ?

Lots of young cousins! (help with names, here, please)

Joshua Chown having a go at the pinata

From a photo album at the reunion: Sherman Willard (Wilhelmina's brother,

Susan Hutchins (Wilhelmina's grandmother), George Washington Willard (Wilhelmina's father)

Thomas Martin III with his aunt Rowena Martin Farrington (great grandson and granddaughter of Wilhemina and Joseph Martin)

Pete and Maryhelen Pridham - all the way from New Mexico! (Pete is a great grandson of Wilhelmina and Archie Cochrane)

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