Olsen Reunion 1941

This photograph is of the annual Olsen reunion at Cape Elizabeth with a date guessed at 1941.  Many thanks to Loletta Cochrane Aubrey ( dau of Harold and Aroline Olsen Cochrane) for identifying so many people in the picture!  How many faces do you recognize?



Left to right back row:  Thomas "Toby" W. Martin, Jr; Norman Olsen and his wife Dorothy Doughty Olsen; Edward Olsen; Charles "Scup" Olsen holding dau Beverly; Loletta Farrar Olsen (Ed's wife); Wilbur Olsen and wife Marjorie Bean Olsen; Joan Martin in front of them; Grover Cole; Aroline Olsen Cochrane; Petrea Olsen Cole (Grover's wife) holding Loletta Cochrane; unknown; Thomas W. Martin Sr and his wife Lois Olsen Martin; Ethel Olsen Paulson and her husband Harold; Norman Olsen behind them; Philip Cummings.

Next row:  Florence Olsen Harmon (Norman's wife); Abbie Seiders Martin (Toby's wife); Evelyn O'Hanley Olsen (Charles' wife); Edmund "Boo" Olsen (son of Edmund and Frances Conant Olsen); June Olsen (dau of Edmund and Frances); Marion (or Miriam) Dunn Olsen, wife of Edmund (holding baby George?);  Sonja Olsen (dau of Norman and Dorothy Doughty Olsen); Dorothy Olsen ( dau of Norman and Dorothy); Eleanor Withers (dau of George and Josephine Olsen Withers).

Bottom:  Thomas W. Martin III (son of Toby and Abbie); Donna Cole (dau of Grover and Dorothy Petrea Olsen Cole); Charles, Jr. "young Scup" Olsen; Raymond and Robert Olsen (sons of Wilbur and Marjorie); Janice Paulson (dau of Alfred and Aroline Olsen Paulson); Martha Olsen (dau of  Norman and Dorothy Doughty Olsen); Marilyn Martin (dau of Thomas and Lois Olsen Martin); Elaine Olsen ( dau of Norman and Dorothy Doughty Olsen. 

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